Home and Business Owners Should Contact Knox Detailing for Concrete Washing and Concrete Sealing Services in Knox County, Ohio!

When something is made from concrete, it lasts forever, right? Not exactly. Concrete can endure for many years, but it needs care just like any other surface. Your driveway, walkways, and patios can deteriorate without routine cleaning and sealing, quickly becoming an eyesore and safety concern. Oil stains are a common problem as are cracks and holes. Everyday use combined with summer and winter weather extremes work to harm the concrete’s surface. That’s why property owners need the services of Knox Detailing.

Power Washing

When first laid down, concrete has a glistening surface, but it can quickly become dull and dingy from automobile oil, tire marks, and other stain-causing materials. While these stains do not affect the integrity of the concrete, they are difficult to remove, especially after sitting untreated on the driveway or walkway. Your patio and walkways can also just become dirty and need to be cleaned to look fresh and new again. Knox Detailing’s skilled team can thoroughly clean your concrete, removing stains and grime without harming the surface.


To maintain your concrete’s looks and durability, you need to have it professionally sealed. Doing so protects the surface and prevents water and snow corrosion that can penetrate below the surface and cause cracks and holes. Once your concrete starts to crumble, repairing it can be a big and expensive job. Crumbling concrete is also a hazard to pedestrians and is hard on automobile tires. By sealing your concrete surfaces, you protect pedestrians from injury while improving the look of your property. You are also protecting your investment and saving money on repairs.

In Knox County, Ohio, contact Knox Detailing for concrete washing and concrete sealing services. Doing so gives your concrete protection from corrosive substances and severe weather. Their skilled team can enhance the longevity of your concrete, preventing the need for major repairs or replacement. Concrete may not be a glamorous material, but the right cleaning and sealing processes can keep it looking clean and fresh. Contact Knox Detailing today for more information on their concrete treatments and to get your home or business ready for spring.